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Medical Device News Magazine Talks About Noctura 400

Adoption of sight-saving sleep mask could save the NHS millions

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The Noctura 400 sleep mask, a pioneering treatment for diabetic retinopathy, is set to benefit NHS patients for the first time following its adoption by Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust. The sleep mask has demonstrated improvement and stabilisation of diabetic eye disease in 96% of patients and is an early-stage non-invasive alternative to current invasive treatments. Research by the NHS Foundation Trust shows that the sleep mask could deliver cost savings estimated at over £180m per year if adopted across the NHS. The mask can be worn during normal sleep hours and can prevent the need for expensive and time-intensive injections directly into the eyeball, which can be stressful and unpleasant for patients and come with a risk of side effects. The mask has transformed the life of one patient, Michelangelo Biasiucci, by giving him his life back and enabling him to work safely again. The mask administers low-level light to prevent the eyes’ increased demand for oxygen at night and reduces the damaging effects of diabetic retinopathy on patients’ eyesight.

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