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Pharmiweb Talks About Noctura 400

Adoption of sight-saving sleep mask could save the NHS millions

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The adoption of the Noctura 400 sleep mask by Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust is a significant development for patients with diabetic retinopathy, which is a major cause of blindness in Europe. The mask has been shown to improve and stabilize patients’ visual acuity, and could potentially save the NHS millions of pounds per year by reducing the need for invasive treatments such as eye injections. By intervening earlier in the disease progression, the sleep mask could also improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital clinic appointments. Diabetes is a significant health crisis in the UK, and its complications, including eyesight damage, cost the NHS billions of pounds each year. The Noctura 400 sleep mask provides a non-invasive and cost-effective alternative to existing treatments, potentially benefiting both patients and the NHS as a whole.

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